Our kids deserve a better way to learn about money

We want to see a world where our kids are confident in managing their own money as they grow

To say families lives are busy is an understatement. Their lives (and to-do-lists) are full, which is why we’ve made Spriggy easy to use with just the right balance of control for parents and independence for kids.

We believe that the best way for kids to learn is to let them give it a go. This is how we go about everything we do with and for our members. We learn and grow from the work we put in, the joy of completing our goals, and even through the mistakes we make along the way.

Everyone does the parenting thing differently and you know what’s right for your kids. That’s why we designed the Spriggy product to fit you, not the other way around. If you think we can do something to make Spriggy even better, let us know. We want to hear it to improve Spriggy for our families.

We all win if our kids grow up ready to tackle the world with confidence.

The Spriggy story

Money. A small word that causes so much stress and so many problems for us. With the world changing faster than ever, and the pressures on parents and families only increasing, we wanted to reduce the load. We began thinking, our kids deserve a better way to learn about money.

We asked ourselves, what if we could help parents and teach our kids about money, in a way that means fewer arguments and fewer late nights worrying about their future. As we talked to more and more parents we realised we were not alone. Everyone wants confident, money-smart kids.

The world has changed a lot since we were young, with only 27% of payments made with cash in 2019 we don’t even see money anymore. We wanted to make our kids first experience with money a happy one, where they learn about money in today's digital world.

Our family is growing

Our members

More than 400,000 mums, dads, grandparents and kids have joined us. This is just the beginning, we want to simplify the lives of as many families as we can.
Our team

Spriggy is home to more than 20 teammates. We are a mixed bunch, and we’re in it together to deliver our promises to both our members and each other.
Join us

We're always looking for new talent to join us. If we sound like somewhere you would be proud to work, drop us a line at hello@spriggy.com.au.