Only 27% of payments in 2019 were made with cash.

Our kids deserve a better way to learn about money.

Spriggy exists for its members

Spriggy came together over the belief that financial institutions should do more to help their users live happier financial lives. With Australia, indeed the world, moving towards a cashless society it seemed nobody was helping prepare the next generation.

Spriggy helps to bridge the gap and provide parents a safe, convenient and supervised way to turn pocket money into practical life lessons.

At Spriggy, we are on a mission to help raise the financial skills of Australian kids.


Spriggy is an Australian business, fully independent from the banks. We believe this gives us and our Spriggy family members the best outcomes. We are not driven by a traditional banking model, and hold our purpose and members as the most important elements of our existence.

The Spriggy membership fee is used to fund the growth of the business and help deliver ongoing value to Spriggy family members through constant product enhancement.

The Founders


Alex holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Sydney and enjoys using his technical skills to solve real-world problems that are important in people's lives. Prior to co-founding Spriggy, he has worked in finance, in academia and as a data scientist. Outside of Spriggy he enjoys skiing, eating spicy food, watching stand-up comedy and singing karaoke poorly.


Mario’s a physicist who worked in a bank for 7 years turning rocket science on numbers for big businesses before he saw the light and joined Spriggy to help real Mums and Dads teach their kids about money. Here at Spriggy, he’s our resident spreadsheet ninja, but he loves to escape when he can and spend time with our Spriggy families.

The Team


Having realised that a lack of ability meant he would never play for the Wallabies or become a professional golfer, Sean Co-founded retail foreign exchange disruptor CurrencyFair. His experience managing technical, regulatory and service processes for a high-growth fintech is invaluable.


Peter is a father of three, and is experiencing his own version of our members life everyday with his young children. Peter has a varied background in marketing and technology and is passionate about supporting people to achieve their everyday goals in life. He is on a mission to spread the word of Spriggy to families across the land.

Engineering Manager

Tim is a software engineering team builder by day and a husband & father of three (by the time you read this) boys by night. He believes in technology’s power to make the world a better place for all. If he does find a second to spare, you’ll find him skateboarding or kayak fishing.

Digital Marketer

Jake comes to Spriggy from his own Fintech business called Holipay that offered an interest free instalment financing alternative for Australians wanting to travel. He’s always had a keen interest in marketing, particularly the technical aspects of it. He would love to work in San Francisco one day and tries not to take life too seriously.

Marketing Designer

Andrew came out of 3 years in Japan as a freelance graphic designer and marketing artist for a Tokyo based game studio. His work for video games and background in animation motivates his creative approach to market the fun side of Spriggy. He stands out among the dog fanatics of the company as a huge cat-lover and knows way too much about coffee brewing.

Customer Operations

Jose hails from NY where he spent four years leading operations and co-leading product at a subscription and e-commerce startup for parents, which was acquired 2016. He's also worked for a wearable tech, and an insurtech startup prior to joining Spriggy. He's lived in Spain and Ireland, loves to travel, is an avid soccer player, and loves all things tech related. He's still trying to find good pizza in Sydney so help him out if you have any recommendations.

Customer Success

Adrienne is an enthusiastic finance graduate with a passion for travel. She spent 5 months studying in China as part of her university degree. She has an obsession with sausage dogs and is always on the lookout for a good office pun.

Customer Success

Acacia loves travelling the world. Originally from New Zealand, she has spent over a year travelling the US and living in Canada. She's also a creative who enjoys fine-line drawing and all things art. She currently has an obsession with dog Instagram pages and will happily share her favourites if you ever have the pleasure of speaking with her when contacting our Customer Service team.

Customer Success

Originally from Adelaide, Callum’s path brought him to Sydney to study. After a few years in telecommunications, he found the light and joined team Spriggy. Callum is a drummer, tech fanatic, and gamer at-heart. Having recently begun studying Cyber Security and Behaviour, in his spare time you can find his head in the books. That is, if he’s not playing the latest video game or getting his next tattoo.

Product Manager

Gabriella is a scientist and has spent the last few years working in medical diagnostics. Hanging up her lab coat, she’s made the leap to the Spriggy team and customer experience! When she’s not chatting to our families, she’s mildly dog-obsessed and can be found at local cafes with her two pugs.

Product Designer

Having spent 9 years doing page layout in print media Chandré never felt like she was doing what she truly loved, which is empathising with people and doing what she can to make a change. So she took a leap of faith by pursuing user experience design and now does what she loves. Chandré also enjoys taking coastal motorbike rides with her husband, making her favourite South African recipes and having a good laugh.

Product Designer

Matt is a User Experience specialist with a multidisciplinary background in the creative fields. With a Bachelor's Degree in Design Computing from the University Of Sydney, Matt brings to Spriggy a strong desire to design eloquent solutions that help make life simple for families. Outside of Spriggy, he enjoys escaping the city on weekends and enjoying the outdoors through camping and Photography.

Data Scientist

An ex-scientist turned Spriggy data guru, Olivia spent 8 years working as a quantitative biologist in the U.S.A. and Germany before heading down to Sydney. She loves the range of exciting analysis and problems she gets to solve at Spriggy on a daily basis. When she's not in the office, she can be found running, cooking, hiking, or dreaming about video games.

Software Engineer

Michael worked as a programmer for the University of Sydney while studying maths, biochemistry and then a medical degree. He worked as a doctor for a year before seeing the light deciding to join Spriggy! In his spare time he loves cooking, learning new languages and playing the piano.

Software Engineer

Dave comes from a software development background with a passion for using technology to make a difference in the world. He loves being outdoors, exploring nature and has a slight obsession with motorbikes.

Software Engineer

An android developer for about 7 years and happy to learn new technologies like AI. Gavin hopes to bring the best user experience for our android members and has a passion for cooking and skiing. He is saving money for a nintendo switch, which means he needs to do more housework than ever.

Software Engineer

Mobile developer of 8 years, Guillaume has a passion for writing apps using Swift or modern web technologies. He has a passion for astronomy and when he is not baking deserts you will find him hiking or riding his bike around Sydney.

Software Engineer

Lewis graduated from Macquarie University with a Software Engineering degree and experience working in customer service, retail and tech support. He brings a combination of problem solving in all these environments to Spriggy as a software engineer. With interests in sports ranging from tennis to basketball, he’s one avid sports fan.

Software Engineer

An avid traveller, Josh has backpacked through most of Asia and Central/South America. After reading two books about AI in Panama he decided that it sounded way too cool to not get into so he switched from civil to software engineering. In his free time he can be found either surfing, gaming or exploring Sydney's many beautiful nature walks. If you enjoy good food, never ask him to cook.

Software Engineer

Jesse is a developer who got his feet wet making flash games as a kid. After a short stint as a structural engineer he left the subdued world of concrete behind for the high-octane world of Sydney startups. When he’s not cutting code you can find him gaming, tinkering with electronics or overseas.

Software Engineer

Pierre has been a developer for over a decade and decided to join Spriggy moving to Australia. He loves baking macarons and fine French patisserie during his spare time.

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