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What is Spriggy?

Teach young people
the value of money

Spriggy builds important money habits in an environment where practical financial skills are rare to come by. Our prepaid card and purpose-built mobile app help teach 6-17 year olds vital earning, saving and spending skills with real world practice.

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Get your favourite SUPER HERO!

We’ve added these new cards to give you even more choice. Get the kids excited about their practical money lessons by letting them choose from Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman or The Flash.


Purpose built for families

Easily Set And Manage Jobs For Your Kids

Spriggy Jobs allows you to build your kids earning skills by completing a set of jobs each week/fortnight, much like the real world of work we live in.

Spriggy Jobs, can be paid or unpaid, and either one-off or recurring. Do it your way.

Managing Ollie’s jobs around the house just got so much easier. We believe he should help around the house without being paid, but we love the option of setting extra jobs with money attached to motivate him even more - Jane, mother of 3 boys

Spriggy App - Jobs

Pocket Money Icon 77%

of parents pay their kids pocket money regularly.

Bed Icon 79%

of parents think kids should earn their pocket money through jobs.

Jobs Icon 74%

of parents expect their kids to tidy their bedroom and clean up after dinner.

Keep on top of your kids spending

Spriggy App - Notifications

Real-time notifications are sent to both the parent and kid every time the Spriggy card is used to make a purchase. It’s a simple way for kids and parents to understand their spending and remaining balance without having to jump into the Spriggy app.

Both Ollie and I get notifications to our phones every time he buys something.

It’s great to know if he’s running low on money and it also helps me have conversations with him about his spending decisions on a daily basis.

Ollie’s also become even more aware, that everytime he uses his card, money is leaving his Spriggy account. It’s made digital money really tangible for him - I love it” - Jane, mother of 3 boys

Frequently asked questions

What is Spriggy?

Spriggy is a prepaid card and mobile app for 6-17 year olds that helps parents and young people manage money together. The Spriggy app allows parents to allocate money to their child's prepaid Visa card, encourage saving through savings goals and follow their transactions in app. Young people can use their card to make purchases online or in-store, wherever Visa is accepted.

How much does Spriggy cost?

How much does Spriggy cost? You can try Spriggy for free for a one month trial at no charge and extend that by inviting other friends through our referral program. After that, our cost is $30 per card per year. You can cancel for free at any time. Check out our pricing page for more info.

Choose a Spriggy card your kids will love

Learning should be fun and our range of personalised card designs are a great way to get the kids excited.

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The first month is on us, then just $30 per card per year