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Purpose-built to help families manage their money in one place.

Independence for your kids, with all the visibility you need.

Kids will get money smart with real-world experience.
Australia's top-rated pocket money app

Help your kids find their money smarts, without losing your sanity

Money doesn’t grow on trees

You’re not a bottomless pit and the ATM isn’t a magic money printing machine. Regular pocket money will help your kids learn the value of money and how to budget between paydays. You can even have your kids ‘earn’ their money through jobs if you want to (you know you want to).

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Save now, spend later

Kids want it all, but can forget to think about what they really need. Visual savings goals will keep your kids focused and encourage them to save for what they really want. You’ll be amazed by how much they don’t need when it’s their own money.

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If you’re wondering where all your handouts are going - you’ve come to the right place. With complete visibility over your kid’s spending, you will be able to support them to make better decisions now and in the future.

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Let your kids pay their own way

Choose from our awesome selection of over 20 card designs to get your kids excited about managing their own money. Let them pay their way by card, mobile or watch by connecting Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™.

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Peace of mind at your fingertips


Relax, your kids can’t buy from places they shouldn’t.
Lock cards

Instantly lock and unlock your card anywhere, any time.

Debt? Not here. Kids can only spend what’s on their card.

Aussie families love Spriggy

“It’s great to know if Ollie is running low on money. He’s also become more aware, that when he uses his card, money is leaving his Spriggy account - I love it.”

Jane, Mother of three

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